Here at The Pisanchyn Law Firm we think it’s important to educate our friends, families, and clients on our different areas of practice. Each week we compile a list of important facts that most people don’t know, and as a result, could harm them or their claim. As the week goes on we share more information on each fact.

  1. It’s common for us to ask if you have full tort on your insurance policy and many times people will respond with, “I have full coverage.” Full coverage and full tort are not one in the same.
  2. People choose limited tort on their policy because it saves them a little money right now, but if you get in a bad accident it won’t save you anything; in fact you could cost you thousands.
  3. Whatever option you choose, full tort or limited tort, could affect your family, too.
  4. Insurance companies have strict definitions of what serious injury really is, and even though there is a serious injury exception for limited tort, you still may not get compensation for your pain and suffering.
  5. Along with serious injury, there are other exceptions to limited tort but relying on these exceptions alone to be compensated for your pain and suffering, in most cases, will not help you.

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