Failure Diagnose Attorneys

Failure Diagnose Attorneys

Failure to Diagnose Lawyers

Finding out that days, weeks, months, or years has gone by without you knowing the cause of your pain and suffering is unimaginable. Failure to diagnose the cause of your illness or medical condition has taken precious time away from you already, and in some cases, has taken time away from your future.


Failure to diagnose simply means that someone has symptoms of some illness or medical condition that has gone unnamed, unclassified, and more often than not, untreated. Our Pennsylvania failure to diagnosis lawyers help victims of undiagnosed conditions.

Common Causes of Diagnosis Failures

There are many reasons why failure to diagnose happens.

  • Medical professionals do not listen to the patient, or write their symptoms off as being “all in your head.”
  • Medical professionals do not recognize the symptoms.
  • Medical professionals misinterpret the symptoms attributing them to something else, such as a side effect of a medication the patient is on.
  • Medical professionals do not perform necessary tests.
  • Medical professionals misread lab results.
  • The real medical problem may be highly unusual or not appropriate for the patient because of age, race, gender, etc. so the medical professional does not even consider it.
  • The real medical problem may be so rare that the medical professional does not know much or anything about it.


If you or a loved one have suffered or are suffering with injury and/or disability as a result of a health care provider failing to diagnose your condition, you could receive compensation for all that you have endured. Our Pennsylvania failure to diagnose attorneys at The Pisanchyn Law Firm want to help you gain some peace of mind after this devastating event. We will stop at nothing to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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Emergency Room Misdiagnosis Attorneys

Emergency Room Misdiagnosis Attorneys

The Pisanchyn Law Firm, our Pennsylvania ER misdiagnosis attorneys will begin working on your case as soon as you call by answering all your questions, guiding you through the steps of filing a claim, as well as fighting for the compensation you deserve. We will also get our team of medical experts to gather evidence to build a solid case against those who did this to you.

Medical Misdiagnosis Attorneys

Medical Misdiagnosis Attorneys

Our Pennsylvania medical misdiagnosis attorneys want to be sure that these negligent health care providers pay for your suffering. Should you honor us by retaining us as your attorneys, our misdiagnosis attorneys, along with our medical team of experts, will begin gathering evidence and using our expertise to bring these medical professionals to justice.

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