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Exceptions are not Guarantees

Insurance companies follow strict legal definitions of what serious injury really is, and even though there is a serious injury exception for limited tort, you still may not get compensation for your pain and suffering.

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Are You Covered?

Too often people come to us thinking they have “full coverage” on their insurance policies only to find out too late that they have the basic coverage required by law, or not enough coverage to pay for the hospital bills and damages.

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The Truths about Tort Coverage (full and limited)

Here at The Pisanchyn Law Firm we think it’s important to educate our friends, families, and clients on our different areas of practice. Each week we compile a list of important facts that most people don’t know, and as a result, could harm them or their claim. As the week goes on we share more information on each fact.

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Do You Know the Difference?

It’s common for us to ask if you have full tort on your insurance policy and many times people will respond with, “I have full coverage.” Full coverage and full tort are not one in the same.

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A Nurse Case Manager Keeps Calling Me – Is That Normal?

Nurse case managers, or rehabilitation nurses, will sometimes be assigned to monitor your recovery after your work injury. These nurses are hired by the insurance company. They are to report back to the company on doctor’s recommendations and will normally suggest or guide the injured worker to different doctors or specialists.

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How Long Do Spinal Cord Injuries Last?

Spinal cord injury effects are usually lifelong. After stabilizing the injury and the victim, care becomes focused on preventing complications that could happen as a result of prolonged bed rest and keeping the victim comfortable.

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3 Myths about Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI’s) require immediate attention and proper diagnosis. Unfortunately, unless an injury victim suffers a visible head injury, traumatic brain injuries often get neglected. Moreover, some minor head injuries are not immediately visible and start showing effects long after the patient is discharged from the hospital.

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