Radiology Mistake Attorneys

Radiology Mistake Attorneys

Radiology mistake occur mostly when a health care provider fails to see what these images are meant to show. For example, after a car accident if there was any trauma to your head it is standard procedure for a CT head scan and even sometimes an MRI to be performed. These are performed to catch any bleeds or clots that have occurred as a result of hitting your head during the accident. If the bleed or clot is not seen by the health provider the consequences can cause a failure to diagnose leading treatment to be delayed, and can even result in death. The same can be true for cancerous tumors, bowel obstructions, broken limbs, etc.

The consequences of a radiologist’s mistake can be severe and life threatening, if you or a loved one are the victim of this kind of medical malpractice you should contact our Pennsylvania radiology malpractice lawyers.

  • Effects of Radiology Mistakes
  • Radiology mistakes lead to:
  • misdiagnosis
  • failure to diagnose
  • delayed treatment
  • diminished of quality of life
  • death

Health care providers that operate the imaging technology and read the results of these machines are supposed to be trained to look for and see any abnormalities in the results. If they miss an abnormality causing you or a loved one injury, delayed diagnosis and treatment, or even death you could be compensated for your injuries/illness.


You should contact the experienced radiology malpractice lawyers at The Pisanchyn Law Firm as soon as possible after the error has been made. What we will do, and can ensure you, should you honor us by allowing us to represent you, is that our attorneys and our team of professionals will get you the answers and respect you deserve. We will also make sure that this does not happen to anyone else by making the person or company that made this mistake pay for their negligence.

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