Anesthesia Mistake Attorneys

Anesthesia Mistake Attorneys

Anesthesia Malpractice Attorneys

Anesthesia is a very useful tool used in aiding surgical procedures but sometimes it can do more harm than good. When not properly administered, anesthesia can cause severe injuries and could even result in death. Our Pennsylvania anesthesia error lawyers want to help you get the compensation you deserve.


There are different types of anesthesia. Some produce a fully unconscious state and some just semiconscious states for the patient depending on the severity and location of their procedure.

General anesthesia can be administered into a vein or through the patient inhaling it. This type of anesthesia affects the brain and the entire body. Patients given general anesthesia are completely unconscious throughout the procedure and do not feel anything during the procedure.

Regional anesthesia only provides pain relief, as opposed to a complete lack of feeling. Regional anesthesia only affects the injected area of the body. The patient can be awake during regional anesthesia procedures but is normally given medication to relax or sleep during the procedure. Epidurals and peripheral nerve blocks are common types of regional anesthesia.

Local anesthesia is an injection directly into the surgical area. It acts as a numbing agent to block out any pain sensations. Local anesthesia is used for minor procedures on small areas of the body.


In addition to operating room errors, such as incorrectly incubating a patient or failing to monitor their vital signs during the operation, an anesthesiologist can be held accountable for their negligence:

  • During pre-operative preparation
  • During post-operative consultation
  • Failing to educate their patient regarding food or alcohol restrictions before or after the procedure
  • Operating with defective equipment


If an anesthesiologist is negligent in their duties, the injuries sustained can be catastrophic. Since anesthesiologist errors are so numerous and devastating, anesthesiologist medical insurance premiums are much higher than other medical specialties. Common injuries that result from anesthesia error include:

  • Brain damage
  • A lung collapsing
  • Stroke
  • Death
  • Suffocation
  • Nerve Damage
  • Heart attack
  • Birth defects
  • Loss of bodily functions
  • Coma


What financial compensation is the victim of anesthesia malpractice entitled to?

Due to the devastating nature of injuries associated with , financial compensation for the injured or for the survivors in cases of wrongful death has the potential to be massive.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to an anesthesiologist’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Long term care
  • Permanent disability
  • Mental impairment
  • Loss of wages and diminished future earning capacity


If you or a loved one has suffered or are currently suffering from the results of an anesthesia mistake or were awake during surgery, our PA anesthesia error attorneys at The Pisanchyn Law Firm could help you receive compensation for your injuries or loss and ensure that this will not happen ever again.

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