An estimated 1.5 million people each year are injured because of negative side effects. Reporting negative side effects helps the FDA make vaccines, drugs and medical devices safer for everyone.

One may say that it’s too little too late, but many are saying better to be late than never. Indeed, the FDA took more than 3 years to realize the gravity of the situation in launching an app that makes drugs, devices and vaccines safer. It’s called the MedWatcher, and it’s already a big hit. But it’s not just another app for your Smartphone with very little use. With a phenomenal increase in hip replacement lawsuits and the rising failure rate of medical devices, the FDA has chosen not to be a mute spectator in the sufferings of recipients.

The FDA believes that voluntary reporting is the primary method for detecting rare, but serious side effects. MedWatcher from the FDA is a new way to track and report side effects of drugs, medical devices, and vaccines. You can use MedWatcher to be up to date on any government safety alerts, and be aware of any side effects other people have run into after hip replacement surgery. You’ll also have an eye on the latest news and research relating to your chosen products.

If you run into a problem you believe was caused by a faulty medical device, submit a report using the Report button, and let the FDA and the rest of the MedWatcher community know about it. Your report makes a difference! It helps the community better understand the potential risks, and helps keep doctors and government officials informed as well. If you have any doubts regarding your faulty hip replacement device, then you can post your problems to get a prompt reply. The reply to your post will also include statistics, data and suggestions for redress to the problems you are facing.

MedWatcher Social compliments the FDA’s crowd sourcing app as a social media monitoring and analytics platform. MedWatcher Social identifies aggregates, classifies and visualizes adverse events involving devices. The FDA monitors social media including Facebooks, Twitter, news, and online patient communities to pay particular attention towards unlabeled and serious adverse events. They focus on having low false positives to allow for follow-up on only the most meaningful associations like hip replacement and recall.

You can analyze MedWatcher data and understand feedbacks before going ahead with litigation and legal proceedings with the help of a hip replacement lawyer. You are not alone in your fight against faulty medical devices. Together we can fight for a brighter and safer tomorrow.