Too often people come to us thinking they have “full coverage” on their insurance policies only to find out too late that they have the basic coverage required by law, or not enough coverage to pay for the hospital bills and damages.

Insurance policies can be tricky to configure, and when you see the monthly payments add up with the more you add to your policy it’s easy to be discouraged into lowering your coverage. This month we’re going to inform you on the different types of coverage and why it’s important to have them all on your insurance policy.

Already we’ve posted a link on our twitter (@pisanchynlaw) explaining why you should always contact an attorney when you’re involved in an accident whether you have insurance or not. As mentioned in the link, we were able to obtain $850,000 more than the insurance company offered one of our clients; that’s just one of the many reasons contacting an attorney after an accident can be beneficial to you.

Remember, if you or a loved are unfortunately the victim of an accident, please call The Pisanchyn Law Firm. A car accident in traumatizing enough, fighting with your insurance company or stressing over how you’re going to pay your bills shouldn’t be your focus; your focus should be on recovering and putting your life back together.