People choose limited tort on their policy because it saves them a little money right now, but if you get in a bad accident it won’t save you anything; in fact you could cost you thousands.

Limited tort is often pushed by the insurance companies as being more attractive than full tort because it is less expensive; however, what the insurance company doesn’t tell you is that the savings is minimal and if you or a loved one is injured because of someone else’s negligence you have given up your right to make a claim for pain and suffering except under the few exceptions of limited tort.

What a lot of people don’t realize or think of when setting up their policy is an injury could last for quite some time causing many doctor’s visits, procedures, medications, and possibly even cost you your job if the injury prevents you from performing your duties. These expenses add up quickly and are only covered up to the amount you have selected for your wage loss and/or medical expenses. After those coverage expenses are exhausted any remaining bills or wage loss is no longer the responsibility of your insurance company.

In some cases you can make a claim for pain and suffering to cover these unexpected expenses, but in most cases you can only do this if you have full tort on your policy. This is why it is not only a good idea to have full tort on your policy, but also the reason not having full tort can cost you thousands.

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