How many times did you check your Facebook today? Did you Snapchat your morning coffee? Instagram the long line of traffic during the morning commute? Tweet about last night’s game? Social media has become a constant in the lives of many. It’s a great way to stay connected, or in our case, to provide our community and clients with valuable information. These sites can be useful and fun but they could also be your worst enemy if you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit.

The rule of thumb when involved in a lawsuit is not to discuss your case with anyone, except your attorney.  This advice holds true for posting information on social networking sites like FacebookInstagram and Twitter.  A seemingly innocent photo or post can have a detrimental effect on your personal injury case, even if it is taken at a pain-free moment or prior to your accident. Anything you post can be misconstrued and could be used against your claim.

You should amend your privacy settings as well, but investigators can find ways into your profiles even if they are private. Private doesn’t mean not public.

Most importantly, it is best to refrain yourself, as well as family and friends, from posting anything about your claim on social media at all.  Should you have any questions about an injury you have sustained at the fault of another or about social media in regards to your case, contact our personal injury attorneys via our website,