Nurse case managers, or rehabilitation nurses, will sometimes be assigned to monitor your recovery after your work injury. These nurses are hired by the insurance company. They are to report back to the company on doctor’s recommendations and will normally suggest or guide the injured worker to different doctors or specialists.

After 90 days of treating with a doctor provided to you by your employer you can seek your own doctor. In order for the insurance company to pay for your medical bills a medical report must be provided from your treating physician along with the bill. Due to this requirement, the insurance company and your employer are always kept up to date and informed on your condition so it is OK to decline a nurse case manager.
If you do accept a nurse case manager you should not allow he or she to go in the exam room with you and you should also not allow your doctor to speak to them at all, but especially not without you being present. You should also know that you have no obligation to update the nurse case manager on your condition or when your doctor’s appointments are.

If you retain us as your PA Workers’ Compensation attorneys any communication between you and a nurse case manager must go through us. Nurse case managers cannot contact you directly once you have legal representation.

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