Statistics show that there is $210 million construction industry in the Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania area. This shows the vast growth of the construction industry in the area which contributes jobs and money to the city. With this in mind, it is important to anticipate the effects this industry will bring to the people of Wilkes Barre.

It has been known that asbestos has been one of the materials widely used in the construction industry because of its heat resistant and fire resistant properties. And as the construction industry shoots up, the asbestos use is in direct proportion to the inflation of the industry. Studies have shown that asbestos causes a type of cancer, which is mesothelioma. It is then logical to zero in the effects of this rising industry to the health of the people in Wilkes Barre.

People who are in the construction industry are at high risk for mesotholomia, which is the cancer of the mesothelium. The mesothelium is the tissue found as coverings of our internal organs in the abdominal cavity and the lungs. The cancer mainly damages the mesothilial cells, which makes up the mesothelium. Exposure to asbestos leads to mesothelioma. This happens when the little fibers is breathed in to the lungs, or coughed up and swallowed to make its way to the abdominal cavity giving rise to pleural mesothelioma (lung covering) and peritoneal mesothelioma (abdominal cavity organ covering). It can be spread to others when the asbestos collected in the clothing of the worker exposed to asbestos comes in contact with the family, relatives and friends. Mesothelioma is not an easy effect of the construction industry to deal with. Cancer can be physically, emotionally, spiritually draining.

The people living in Wilkes Barre should be made aware of this health concern brought about by the rising construction industry in the city. Extra effort should be made in order for the workers and family to properly protect them from mesothelomia. Wearing safety gear such as masks and gowns should be stressed when they will be in close contact to the environment where there is asbestos and/or changing their clothing before they interact with their families and friends after leaving the vicinity with asbestos before they come home from work.

Construction companies that offer jobs in Wilkes Barre should also be aware of this health concern. They should offer health insurance to their workers who might develop mesothelomia in the future or they could hold the permission to let their workers work in an environment that can lead to an increase exposure to asbestos. If exposure to asbestos can not be avoided they should take proper precautions and follow guidelines in order to decrease the detrimental effects of asbestos exposure to the workers.

For the workers and the companies’ protection, there are lawyers specializing in this field, specifically construction law, where they can get valuable information especially on the legalities of this matter. They can also explain where each one stands so the parties concerned will know exactly what to do to work out the situation. These lawyers practice in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania and would gladly be of service to the people in the city.

People grab opportunities when they see one, but before plunging into a situation, people must be aware of the pros and cons. They should take appropriate action to protect them if the cons will cause them liability. Everyone should be aware of one’s rights as a worker and as a citizen of a city where one lives in. Health should not be disregarded for profit. It pays to do something before it is too late. If this matter brings up a concern to someone you know, give them a favor and ask them to do something now. Act now because you don’t want a disease like mesothelioma not be detected just because you live a fast-paced life in a place like Wilkes Barre.