Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. At work, employees are always at risk of facing an accident at any time. A broken arm from a fall off a ladder, a back injury, or a strain from lifting heavy boxes, are some common mishaps that can strike without any warning.

In most cases, claimants don’t face any problem in receiving their compensation benefits from the insurance company. However, in some situations, it becomes complicated. This is when you might consider hiring a Scranton Workers’ Compensation Attorney. Here are three instances that call for immediate attention from an experienced lawyer –

Employer Denying the Claim

A report suggests that employers and insurers often reject the bona fide workers’ compensation claim. They are under the impression that workers won’t appeal in the court of law due to the lengthy process involved. If they do not appeal, the insurance company will not have to pay any compensation. Unfortunately, this happens frequently.

This is when the skill of an experienced attorney can make a difference. They have the knowledge, as well as the expertise to represent each and every aspect of the case in front of the judge and ensure a fair settlement for the injured worker.

The Settlement Provided Lacks Lost Wages or Medical Bills

Often the settlement provided by the insurance company may not include medical expenses. The workers’ compensation insurance carrier will be represented by an attorney in court and is not there on your behalf. Employees should be represented by someone who has workers’ compensation experience and is familiar with the laws and practice. They will negotiate with the insurance company’s legal team on your behalf.

Though it is mandatory to obtain judicial approval before disbursing any compensation settlements, the applicant must understand that the judges will sign an agreement as long as it is not challenged by an attorney.

Injury Due to Third Party Actions or Employer’s Misconduct

The sole purpose behind designing the workers’ compensation system was to prevent civil lawsuits in work-related injuries.

If the employer intentionally contributes to the injury of the worker, the case can be taken up in a court of law. An experienced Scranton workers’ compensation attorney will be able to determine how the law applies to such a situation.

A workers’ compensation lawyer in Scranton, PA will represent the employee in a legal battle striving to get the maximum benefits for the employees’ claim.

An experienced workers compensation attorney will not only help them in filing all the necessary documents within the designated timeframe, but can also assist them in gathering the necessary evidence to strengthen their case. This ensures that their clients receive the maximum benefits for their claim.