A number of issues have been reported in the United States around the malpractice of healthcare professionals. Studies based on these reports show that accidents around in the healthcare professional may have well been prevented and would’ve actually saved lives of people. Further reports show that a number of people have actually suffered malpractice when it comes to medical administration. This highlights medication errors that have been committed by professionals. This of course contributes to bad effects and possible injuries of people.

These malpractice reports do not only cover doctors but nurses as well. What this emphasizes is the need for nurses likewise to extend the same amount of care when it comes to handling and dealing with people. It is strongly suggested that they too do not commit malpractice.

There are several factors that contribute to nursing malpractice. One strong factor that leads to such unwanted instances would be the lack of knowledge and skills required in this profession. Other factors such as the shortage in resources may also be causes of malpractice due to the fact that nurses extend long hours and the addition of nursing aides who are taken as substitute to these nursing professionals. Long hours of work may well affect the senses and effectiveness of the nurse. Nursing aides too may not quite best be a substitute to a nursing professional.

There are a number of acts which are considered as malpractice. This includes not following the orders of the doctor, not monitoring the status of the patient when it is required, administration of wrong medicine dosage or administration of tests or other procedures when there is lack of qualification.