Do not leave the Scene

Proceeding a car accident, it is important to not leave the scene of the accident until fitting. If you leave the scene of the accident, and any individuals have been injured or killed, there is a possibility you will be facing severe criminal penalties for being a hit and run driver.

Check Up on All Drivers and Passengers

Prior to determining the property damage, be assured that all individuals involved in the accident are okay. If any individuals involved in the accident have been injured, it is important to pursue medical attention. If an injured individual is suffering from neck or back pain, do not move them unless a hazard requires moving the individual, qualified medical help will move the patients otherwise.

Call the Police Immediately

It is crucial to call the police if there has been any physical injury, death, or any property damage. It is important to obtain the name and badge numbers of the officers that have arrived at the scene of the car accident.

Exchange Information

Subsequently following the prior steps you must then exchange information with the other car and drivers. The information that must be exchanged includes:

Names of the individuals
Phone numbers
Home address
Driver’s license number
License plate number
Insurance information
If any passengers were involved in the accident, you must also obtain their information.

Converse with Witnesses

Inquire any information from what the witnesses saw. If it is possible, obtain their names, phone numbers, and place of residence.

Notify Your Insurance Company

Advise your insurance company immediately that you have been involved in a car accident. Comply with the insurance company and let them know the truth about exactly what happen and the degree of the injuries you are facing. Describe the facts of the accident openly. If you lie to your insurance company and they uncover that you were misleading them, there can be serious consequences such as losing the coverage that you would of had for the accident. Receive and inspect any police report that was filed for the purpose of knowing what individual broke what traffic laws and who was at fault.

Take Photographs

As soon as possible following the accident, take pictures of any damage that has been done to your vehicle. These photographs will assist the insurance adjuster in determining how much should be reimbursed for the damage that has been done.