Although you are not required to have any sort of legal representation at a disability hearing, statistics show that those who have an attorney are far more likely to be approved for benefits than those who choose to represent themselves.

The average individual, particularly one who is suffering from a debilitating physical or mental condition, will not be able to adequately prepare for a disability hearing.

On the other hand, attorneys specializing in representing SSD/SSI claimants will be well versed in disability law, including which medical records are necessary to demonstrate disability; the criteria needed to meet a listing in the blue book (the official Social Security disability handbook); how to demonstrate, through medical records, an inability to return to prior work or any other work due to diminished residual functional capacity (activities a claimant can or cannot do); and how to use the vocational grid to show that, even if the claimant is capable of performing certain tasks, he or she is not capable of earning the current substantial gainful activity (SGA) amount each month.

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