Medical implants and products are created to make our lives easier. It serves to protect those who are suffering from medical ailments. Unfortunately, there are some medical implants that are defective and can cause more harm than good. In fact, there are thousands of patients who have suffered injuries due to a malfunctioning medical implant.

To that end, a number of medical devices have been recalled from the market. While recalls can help protect patients, the recalls are unfortunately sometimes too late. If you or your loved one has been injured due to a defective implant, you must immediately look for an injury attorney. One of the most common medical devices that get the most complaints is hip implants.

Hip Replacement And Its Common Complaints

Hip replacement surgeries are very common medical procedures. This is procedure is performed by an orthopedic surgeon. The hip implant is used to replace damaged hip sockets. This medical device usually has three components which allow the patient to normally move his hips.

  • Femoral Stem: This component is placed inside the patient’s thigh bone
  • Femoral Head: This is attached to the femoral stem
  • Acetebulum: This is where the femoral head is found.

Hip replaces carries a very high success rate. In normal wear, the implant can last for at least 10 years to over 30 years. Keep in mind though that all medical devices will eventually reach its end; thus, it may require replacement. Among the common reasons for the device wearing out include:

  • Fractured or loosened implant
  • Infection
  • The supporting bone around the implant gets broken
  • Untimely wear of the plastic components

It is very unfortunate, that there are some patients who report defects and malfunction in the first two years after the hip replacement. Due to the high number of complaints, the device was recalled. The following are symptoms of a failed hip implant:

  • Dislocation or dislodgement of the implant which makes it useless for the patient
  • Pieces of its metal are flushed into the bloodstream. The metal pieces can be toxic; thus, it can lead to life-threatening tissue reaction.
  • Bone breakage

Seeking Help For The Injuries Sustained

If you or a loved one is suffering due to a defective hip implant, it is best to seek the legal advice of a personal injury lawyer. You must look for someone who specializes in defective medical devices so that you will be given proper representation in court. They can help you get the compensation you deserve. The following are the variables considered by the lawyer when determining the worth of your hip replacement lawsuit:

  • The pain and suffering inflicted upon the patient
  • The patient’s age and general health
  • The amount of toxins that entered into the patient’s bloodstream
  • Lost wages due to the hip replacement injuries


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