According to the Bureau of labor Statistics the construction industry is rated in the top four of the highest work-related injury prone occupations. If you’ve been injured while working in this industry, or even if you haven’t been injured you may have questions about what to do if an injury does occur. What rights do construction workers have in regards to a safe workplace? Should you contact a construction accident lawyer, if so, when?

What Rights Do Injured Construction Workers Have?

All construction workers are entitled to a safe work environment under federal law. A safe work environments is free from health and safety hazards that are known and can be easily predicted by the employer. Employees who have experienced a construction injury while on the job can take legal action without retaliation from their employer.

Construction workers also have the following rights in regards to their employment:

  • To be trained in a language the worker understands
  • To work on machines that are safe
  • To be provided with safety gear
  • To have protection from toxic chemicals
  • To request an OSHA inspection when the worker has concerns about safety conditions or after an injury
  • To speak to an OSHA inspector
  • To report an injury or illness
  • To see copies of the workplace’s injury and illness log
  • To review records of work-related construction injuries and illnesses at the site
  • To receive copies of test results when a test is done to determine whether workplace hazards exist

What is OSHA?

The construction industry, and many other industries, are governed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA’s main goal is to prevent work-related construction injuries that are preventable. The Administrations has implemented many safety programs, developed standards and regulations for construction sites and it investigates accidents after a construction worker is the victim of a preventable construction injury.
Can You Contact a Construction Injury Lawyer if Your Rights are Violated?

Yes. A worker can discuss his or her case with a construction accident attorney without fearing for his or her job. The construction injury lawyers at the Pisanchyn Law Firm can help with filing a claim on behalf of the injured construction worker to seek compensation.

If you’ve been injured on the job contact the construction accident attorneys at the Pisanchyn Law Firm. Call 1-800-444-5309 and schedule a free case evaluation. We have offices in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Scranton and will travel to you.