Those who have been injured on the job or would like to apply for social security benefits have a long process ahead of them. For many the claims process takes an incredibly long time and requires many different documents and evaluation to prove that you deserve the government benefits more than others who apply. The unfortunate reality about this process that there are denials everyday, even to seemingly deserving individuals with a legitimate claim. Though this might seem like the end of the road for folks with few options left, know that the government does support an appeals process and it is very possible to have the decision reversed.

In order to improve your chances of a favorable outcome in a court of law during an appeals hearing, you may want to consider hiring an experienced lawyer to help you with your case. That way, you can present your case in the best light and make sure the decision-makers know why you deserve these benefits. Contact an attorney today if you have been denied and would like a second chance.

The appeals process consists of four different levels including the following:

Hearing by an administrative law judge
Review by an Appeals Council
Federal court
If a lower level appeal process does not yield the results you are looking for, you can take your case to the next level. This process can continue until you have reached the federal court, which ultimately makes the final decision. When the court reviews your case, they look at the entire case, not just the part that you believe is incorrect. That way they can provide a full, thorough decision, based on all the facts presented.

Because the appeals process can often be a confusing legal landscape for the average individual, a lawyer could be very beneficial to you. Consider hiring an attorney who is well-versed in social security benefits and has experience in the appeals process, itself.