If you’ve been injured in the workplace, you might be wondering whether or not to hire a lawyer to assist you with your claim. The answer is most likely, yes. In fact, most reputable lawyers will tell you if you have a claim that you can handle by yourself.

  1. Costs Nothing Upfront

Our Workers’ Compensation lawyers represent you on a contingency basis when dealing with workers’ compensation cases. This means that the attorney will only collect payment—a portion of your workers’ compensation benefits—if you win the case. If you’re not awarded any benefits from the case, then you don’t owe the attorney anything. This makes the process of hiring a lawyer relatively risk free.

  1. Specialized Knowledge

There are complex laws and procedures in workers’ compensation proceedings. If your claim is being disputed by the insurance company, it can be extremely difficult to navigate the proceedings yourself. The judge will only act as a referee in most instances as they cannot give you legal advice or tell you when a settlement offer is unfair.  Our workers’ compensation attorneys have experience in navigating the legal system surrounding these cases.

  1. Prevent Retaliation

If your employer knows that you have an attorney, they are less likely to take retaliatory action against you. An attorney is a good insurance policy to ensure that you are treated fairly, and with respect, throughout the claim process.

  1. Fair Settlement

An insurance claims adjuster’s job is to try to keep insurance payouts as low as possible. They have no incentive to pay quickly or make a large payment. Our workers’ compensation attorneys will fight for you to get the best settlement possible.

  1. Protect your future needs

When your case settles, it is over. However, there are situations where the insurance company will have to pay for more related future medical needs. If you are receiving Social Security disability, Medicare or Medicaid benefits, a poorly drafted settlement agreement can impact your future benefits. Our experienced attorneys won’t let that happen!

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