Tyler Setcavage, Esquire

Tyler Setcavage, EsquireAttorney Tyler Setcavage

“I believe everyone deserves an attorney who will fight diligently for their interests. The industry is flooded with attorneys who could care less about your case, but Pisanchyn is different. You deserve to have your case handled by someone who treats it as if it were their own.”

Attorney Setcavage obtained his Law Degree from Duquesne University School of Law and was subsequently admitted to the bar.

Attorney Setcavage has experience in both the defense and plaintiff realms of personal injury. This experience proves to be invaluable when working with clients as he can explain and anticipate both sides of a claim.

Since starting at the Pisanchyn Law Firm, Attorney Setcavage has recovered well over millions of dollars for various types of cases including: products liability, premises liability, and motor vehicle accidents. He has settled claims both before court and litigated claims in court when settlement was not in the client’s best interest.

Most recently, Attorney Setcavage settled several cases valued at or over $100,000 dollars. In addition, he has argued in Pennsylvania’s Superior Court in order to pursue his client’s needs. He will not back down in front of large insurance companies and is not afraid to fight them for every dollar you deserve. In one particular case, a client was given an initial offer. After Attorney Setcavage began negotiating the claim, the value was more than quadrupled and he was able to recover via settlement. He has also been involved in filing suit against insurance companies for bad faith and has proved to be an integral figure in client’s pursuits of benefits under their own insurance policies.

If you are having trouble recovering benefits for your injuries, Attorney Setcavage is admitted to practice law in the state of Pennsylvania and handles all types of personal injury cases including:

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Works mainly in the Pittsburgh office.

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