This last Thursday a jury in Lackawanna County, sent a message to a Defendant awarding over quarter of a million dollars for his “outrageous conduct.” Specifically the jury awarded $311,498.45 with the largest portion $200,000 toward punitive damages. It took the Pisanchyn Law Firm through Attorney Douglas Yazinski and Bradley Moyer just one day to present the case and about one hour of deliberation by the jury to come to this award that once delay damages are filed will be closer to a half a million dollars.

After convincing the jury to make this award, the Pisanchyn Law Firm stated that it was proud of their attorney’s accomplishments in having the community send a message that neither drunk nor drug driving would be tolerated in this community. In Pennsylvania the law allows Plaintiffs to obtain what is called punitive damages only if the Attorneys are able to prove reckless or outrageous behavior on the part of a Defendant. One of the most important reasons for punitive damages is to have a deterrent effect on others actions so as to prevent similar conduct. The Pisanchyn Law Firm stated it believes that when 12 members of our community award close $200,000 for punitive damages in this case it sends a clear message that Drunk and Drug driving will not be tolerates which in turn we hope will make our community safer.

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