It takes the average driver about 40 seconds to program a car’s built-in navigation system while on the move, a distraction that significantly increases the chances of an accident.

That’s one big take-away from a study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety that measured the time it takes drivers to use the latest in-dash infotainment systems. Moreover, many of the latest systems include functions, such as text messaging and internet searches, that have nothing to do with driving a car.

Researchers examined the visual and mental demands of vehicle infotainment systems on 120 drivers, ages 21-36, traveling on a residential road with a 25-mph speed limit. Participants used voice commands, touch screen and other interactive technologies to make a call, send a text, tune the radio or program navigation.

The study measured how long it took drivers to complete a task using the system, and researchers categorized demand as low, moderate, high or very-high. None of the 30 2017 vehicles used in the study had systems that resulted in low demand. Seven generated moderate demand, while 23 were considered high or very-high demand.

Programming a GPS navigation system caused the most distraction among drivers, taking an average of 40 seconds — enough time for study participants to travel the length of four football fields. Sending a text caused very-high distraction, while tuning the radio or making a phone call was a moderate distraction.

Previous research has shown that drivers who take their eyes off the road for as little as 2 seconds double their risk of a crash. About 11% of all fatal accidents are at least partly caused by distracted driving, leading to almost 4,000 deaths a year.

What do you think? Do you find dashboard technology easy to navigate or is it just another distraction?

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