Getting hurt on the job is an unfortunate but common experience. You might be surprised to find out that workplace injuries aren’t confined to construction sites either.

Every day we talk to people from a broad range of occupations that are suffering with the pain or other symptoms from an accident at work.

So, what are the most common workplace injuries we see?

  • Lifting injuries – During the course of the normal workday, many workers are accidentally injured while lifting heavy or awkward objects. These injuries can be minor sprains or strains, which are compensable under workers’ compensation, but they can also include hernias and disc protrusions. These type of injuries need medical treatment through workers’ compensation.
  • Falls – Falls are a very common workplace injury that can be minor or life-changing. A seemingly minor fall can result in problems to the hands, wrists, and shoulders after bracing for the impact. More serious falls can lead to head injuries or even paralysis.
  • Back injuries – Back injuries are complicated and can include bulging or herniated discs or soft-tissue damage. Accurately assessing this type of problem can be difficult. Very serious back injuries may include fractures that lead to paralysis.

Of course, these are just a few of the injuries people can sustain in the workplace. If you think you’ve been injured at work, give us a call to meet with us for free and get answers to your specific questions.

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