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Wage Loss Coverage

Wage loss coverage is optional, and if added onto your policy then your insurance company is required, by law, to pay 80% of your gross income when you cannot return to your job from injuries sustained in the collision. Most people only have minimal wage loss coverage on their policy.

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Phantom Driver Accidents

Most people believe a hit and run driver is defined as having actually hit or collided with your vehicle. However, in Pennsylvania a vehicle does not have to touch your vehicle to be the cause of an accident, this is known as a phantom driver.

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Limited Tort and Full Tort Coverage

Limited tort and full tort are options on Pennsylvania car insurance policies. Limited tort is often pushed by the insurance companies as being more attractive than full tort because it is less expensive; however, what the insurance company doesn’t tell you is that the savings is minimal and if you or a loved one is [...]

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Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured motorist coverage protects you and your loved ones in the event that you are involved in an collision due to a negligent driver who is uninsured. Though it is required by law that everyone operating a motor vehicle be insured, there are still many people who drive without car insurance.

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Medical Expense Coverage

When you are injured in an automobile accident in Pennsylvania your insurance company is required, by law, to pay your medical bills up to the amount of your coverage. Medical bill coverage is mandatory for every person who purchases auto insurance and, except for motorcycles, the minimum amount required by law is $5,000.

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