M. Lee Albright, Esquire

M. Lee Albright, Esquire

Lee Albright“I believe the most important thing for an attorney to remember is when a client comes to you, it’s because they and their families are facing a life altering event and need help. It’s not about how many cases you can cite or the number of times you’ve stepped in a courtroom; it’s about representing and helping the client in the same manner you would your own family.”

Attorney Lee Albright is a Partner at The Pisanchyn Law Firm.  Before entering into the legal field, Lee began her professional career in nursing where she provided direct care for those in need in both emergency care as well as long term facilities.  The medical knowledge obtained during this time proved to be invaluable in assisting her current clients in their legal matters.

While employed in the nursing department of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, Lee became a union representative wherein she represented fellow employees in employment issues as well as assisting in contract negotiations and interpretations between management and rank and file employees.  Because of her success rate at the hearings, Lee was compelled by her colleagues to pursue a career where she could put her adversarial skills to use.

As a result, Lee obtained her Associates Degree from Central Pennsylvania Business School with a focus on legal studies.  In her graduating year, Lee captained the Mock Trial team which placed as one of the top teams and allotted an opportunity to argue her case at the National Level in the Iowa Supreme Court Building.  Lee placed in the top ten of all national competitors.

Working her way to her legal degree, Attorney Albright followed in the footsteps of her father, a retired Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Officer, and received her undergraduate degree from Pennsylvania State University Honors Program majoring in Criminal Justice.  While attending Penn State, Lee interviewed  and was selected for the Bipartisan Fellowship with the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.  She was subsequently hired to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, the Senate and the Governor’s Office of General Counsel.

As an avid motorcycle enthusiast, Lee was elated working with the State Legislature in the drafting of laws effecting fellow riders.  Her strong family belief in the protection of families was instrumental in assisting in the drafting of legislation such as Megan’s Law.  Before leaving the public sector in 2002, Lee authored the Senate Resolution commemorating the emergency responders in the 9/11 attacks.

While working with the Pennsylvania State Legislature, Attorney Albright attended Widener University School of Law where she received her Juris Doctorate.  She received recognition in Alternative Dispute Resolution as well as a certificate in Law and Government.

Attorney Albright now represents clients in many areas of law and appears in Court in many counties all over the Commonwealth.  She has handled thousands of personal injuries cases, many of which have gone to jury verdict for the benefit of her clients.  She has received judgments and/or settlements that were over ten times the amount of the initial offer on the case.   She has been successful in defeating limited tort thresh holds in front of jury members in otherwise conservative counties.   To what does she contribute these successes?  Because she cares.  In the past six months alone, she has tried to verdict three cases, one of which had settled during trial for ten times the pretrial offer.

Lee enjoys spending time with her family.  When she’s not enjoying time with hers, she assists in providing entertainment to other families through stage and theater.   Lee is an audio engineer and is a cardholder of IATSE local 82. She has worked local and national acts from Kenny Chesney to Alice Cooper, with some WWE wrestling in between.  In her downtime, Lee is an instructor at Live, Love, Dance Studio in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and a Cheermom for a local mini football team.

Works mainly in the Scranton office.

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