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You must always be careful after an auto accident, especially when speaking to the insurance company. The insurance companies’ jobs are to pay you the least amount of money they can. On the other hand, the accident lawyers at The Pisanchyn Law Firm want to be there for you and help you navigate your way out of the wreckage. Remember, since we will be working on a contingency fee basis the more money you get, the more money we get. Thus, yours and our injury attorneys’ interests are completely aligned and in opposition of the insurance company.

27 percent of drivers every five years are involved in a car accident. The effects of this can be severe, permanent, and sadly, even fatal. If not for the negligent actions of reckless or distracted drivers, who are usually in obvious violation of safety laws and motor vehicle codes, many of these accidents could have been avoided.

Our Pennsylvania Injury Lawyers Can Help

Depending on the circumstances of your car accident, you or your loved one may be eligible for compensation. A common question most people have after an accident is, do you need an attorney? This area of law is very complicated; there are exceptions and technicalities that if you do not know the law can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is why it is imperative you consult with our experienced Pennsylvania car accident attorneys at The Pisanchyn Law Firm to guide you through your claim.

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