Can I be put under surveillance after filing a Workers’ Comp Claim?

A common fear Workers’ Compensation claimants have after their claim has been accepted is if they will be under workers’ compensation surveillance. This is a legitimate fear as the law does allow insurance companies to hire investigators to watch an injured worker. As soon as you are injured at work you should contact our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers to guide you through your entire claim. If you fear the insurance company is running surveillance on you, we can still help.

What are workers’ comp investigators allowed to do?

  1. When under workers’ compensation surveillance, investigators are not allowed to trespass, photograph, or record you on your property.
  2. They are allowed to follow you, speak with your neighbors, and even videotape you and any activities you participate in in public places.

Why am I put under workers’ compensation surveillance?

The purpose of workers’ compensation surveillance is for the insurance company to find you performing duties or activities that prove you are not as injured as you are claiming.

During your Workers’ Compensation Case be very aware and suspicious of the following:

  1. Phone calls claiming you have been selected to test consumer products, as investigators may pose as an organization and try to get you to perform duties outside your medical restrictions.
  2. You should also be wary of strangers in emergency situations, such as needing help changing a tire as this could be the investigator watching you. If the investigator gets you to help him/her they could videotape you and use that against you in front of a Workers’ Compensation Judge.

The videotapes are commonly misleading but Judge’s do take them into consideration when evaluating your case. Obviously, this evidence could damage your claim and cause you to lose your compensation and even be found guilty of insurance fraud.

Our Workers’ Compensation Surveillance Lawyers Can Help

Don’t wait to be followed before you seek legal representation. Consult with the workers’ compensation attorneys at The Pisanchyn Law Firm so we can make you aware of what to look for and offer you 24/7 advice in the event you notice you’re under workers’ compensation surveillance.

We will do our very best to protect your privacy from these investigators and ensure that your case is not damaged by their attempts to trick you.

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