Trucking Accident Injury Lawsuits

Trucking Accident Injury Lawsuits

Both State and/or Federal law, depending on if the truck was involved in intrastate or interstate transport may govern a trucking accident. Trucking companies as well as their drivers have to follow many State and Federal regulations to operate a commercial vehicle. Hiring our Pennsylvania trucking accident injury attorneys, who are experienced in trucking accident litigation, is the only way to ensure that all required regulations have been followed, and if they weren’t you could receive compensation for your trucking accident injury.

Commercial truck regulations that are often violated, causing a trucking accident are:

  • Trucking companies are required to follow the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) regulations concerning equipment and hours of service.
  • Truck drivers are required to maintain a driver’s log.
  • Commercial driver’s license standards are Federal regulations in place to reduce or prevent truck collisions and resulting injuries and/or deaths. Drivers of certain vehicles are required to obtain a single commercial motor vehicle driver’s license.
  • Alcohol of any kind is not permitted in the trailer or the cab of the vehicle unless it is part of a shipment. This includes cough/ cold medications.
  • Federal regulations require commercial trucks to carry certain levels of insurance coverage, depending on the nature of the materials hauled. These regulations protect victims of large truck crashes from truck owners who may not have the financial resources to pay damages out-of-pocket.


The trucking companies pay out a great deal of money for their truck insurance policies due to the high risks and possible damages that could occur in the event of a trucking accident Trucking companies begin an investigation into the accident as soon as it happens. If fault is found to be on behalf of the driver or company then the insurance adjusters just as quickly offer an insufficient settlement to compensate the victim for their negligence. These quick offers are a ploy to minimize costs paid out to you, the victim. Don’t let this happen to you, if you or a loved have been involved in a tractor trailer accident call our PA trucking accident injury attorneys as soon after the accident as possible.

How our Trucking Accident Injury Lawyers Can Help

Our Pennsylvania trucking accident attorneys can help you receive the full amount of compensation deserved for your trucking accident injuries, loss, and traumatic experience. Never agree to any offer made by the trucking company or their insurance adjusters without first consulting legal aid. At The Pisanchyn Law Firm we offer free services until we win your trucking accident case and even then you will never pay out of pocket; we will only be paying you the money you deserve. Once you hire us as your attorneys we will immediately send out our own investigators to the scene, have them speak with witnesses, and review and report our findings so that you and your interests are fully protected.

Please, call our Pennsylvania tractor trailer accident injury attorneys toll free at 1-800-444-5309 for a free consultation. We have offices in Scranton, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg and will travel to you.

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