The latest trend in back pain relief is what’s known as laser spine surgery. This surgery claims to give patients relief from constant back pain with quick and minimally invasive techniques. There are many cases of surgical and medical malpractice as a result of these laser spine procedures.

Most of these facilities, which are partially owned by the surgeons themselves, don’t have licensing to keep patients overnight. Most people see no overnight care has a benefit however, spinal surgery is very risky in the post-op period. In fact, according to an article on most patients were told to get dressed and leave after the procedure, even though some of these patients were suffering extreme medical problems and had to seek medical care for them elsewhere.

Aside from the surgeons partially owning these facilities being a conflict of interest, the surgeries also cost double what a normal laser spine surgery would cost.

Medical professionals have stated that these surgeries come off as a bit of a “scam” because the treatment they offer is already readily available at a much lower cost and at safer medical facilities.

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