Insurance companies have in-house counsel and a lot more resources than almost any worker. They use surveillance, nurse case managers and investigators to try cut off your benefits if they don’t deny your claim outright.

Workers’ Compensation is a very complex area of law and not having an expert in this field on your side could result in the loss of your rights as an Pennsylvanian worker. Someone should be there to fight for you and advocate for your needs and well-being during this tough time in your life.

Our workers’ compensation attorneys & legal professionals deal with insurance companies, treating physicians, and opposing counsel to make sure our clients get what they need while recovering from their work injury. We also help clients get care from good medical professionals who accept workers’ comp. clients or will do treatments on lien.

In short, a workers’ compensation law firm will take care of you during your case and make sure that you get the benefits & money you are entitled to by law.

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