According to the Pennsylvania State Police’s November 21-25, 2018 report, this year’s Thanksgiving holiday saw an increase in accidents, DUI arrests and accident-related injuries compared to 2017. The full crash and enforcement data by troop is available here.

There were 1,116 accidents investigated by State Police during the driving period recorded. This number does not include accidents investigated by other law enforcement agencies. This is a 13.8 percent increase from last year. Of the accident’s investigated, 80 were alcohol-related and led to arrests. What is positive is that of the four accident-related fatalities that took place, none were reportedly a result of DUI drivers. Total DUI arrests came in at 637 – that is 637+ lives saved. Injuries from accidents during the holiday totaled 213, up from last year’s 209.

If Thanksgiving is any indication of driving and DUI hazards for the remainder of the holiday season, one message is clear: drive carefully, safely, and SOBER. If you plan to drink while enjoying the season’s festivities, plan for a safe ride to and from your destination.

Happy holidays and stay safe!

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