Window Blind Cord Strangulation Injury and Window Cord Choking Accident

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) window blinds and shades that come with cords to open and close window blinds are one of the top five hidden dangers to children in the home. Window cord child injuries have been a serious problem for a long time in the United States. In 1981, window shade cords were labeled as a “particularly insidious hazard.”

Furthermore, over 16,000 children in the US were treated in emergency departments for injuries caused by window blinds between 1990 and 2015, an average of almost two children every day, according to a study published in December 2017.

Over the course of its’ decades-long investigation and monitoring of the window blind cord hazard the CPSC has discovered several unnerving facts. One of the studies concluded that almost 50% of all window cord strangulations went unreported and that window cords cause one death/month in children.

Common Ways These Accidents Occur

The two most common ways children are strangled by window shade cords:

  1. When infants placed in cribs near windows get tangled in window cords while playing, sleeping, seeking attention or when trying to get out of their crib
  2. When curious toddlers attempting to look outside a window climb on to a piece of furniture located near the window and then loose their balance and fall while getting tangled in the window cord

Who Can be Held Responsible for Window Cord Strangulation or Choking Injuries?

  • Negligent Supervision of Caregiver (Day Care, Nursery, School, Camp, Child Care, Etc)
  • Any person, facility or business that has been entrusted with the child’s care and safety may be found responsible for not taking measures to prevent window cord strangulation/choking incidents.

Unsafe Premises

Any person or business that maintains an unsafe premise/property may be found responsible for not taking measures to prevent a child window cord strangulation accident. If a hotel, motel or any other place of public accommodation negligently allows a window shade cord hazard to exist on their property and that hazard causes a choking or strangulation injury then you may be able to pursue a claim for damages against the business insurance policy that covers the building.

Product Liability

For years manufactures have known about the dangers window cords pose to young children. If a window shade manufacturer or designer put a window shade on the market knowing their window shade presented a serious risk of choking or strangulation then they may be responsible for the injuries your child suffered.

How our personal injury attorneys can help

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