After a dog bite or attack, it is in your best interest to report the event to the authorities. You can call your local city Animal Control Department as well as the Police Department to report the attack, and you should do so as quickly as possible.

Why Report a Dog Attack?

There are several reasons why the dog attack should be reported immediately, including:

  • Preventing future attacks. If a dangerous or rabid dog is on the loose, authorities must know so that they can capture and contain the animal. The next victim might not be so lucky, and if you fail to report a vicious dog on the loose, you too might be liable for the next attack.
  • Previous victims may come forward to help with your case. To prove that a dog has a preponderance to bite and injure, you might rely on past victims to come forward. Therefore, reporting your claim can help you access others who have reported a claim against the same dog and owner too.
  • Protecting your injury claim. If a dog has attacked you, you likely have medical costs and damages. To protect your right to seek compensation, you must report the dog attack to the proper authorities.

After You Report the Attack, What Happens Next?

After reporting the attack, an officer will be dispatched to the attack location for an investigation. The officer will seek out the owner and hopefully locate the animal. If the owner is found, the authorities are likely to issue a citation to that owner.

Then, the dog is quarantined for up to 10 days, which is required by law. If there is no provocation or reason for the dog’s attack, the dog may be labeled a dangerous dog.

What is a Dangerous Dog?

A “dangerous” dog registration is exclusively for animals that have injured a human without reason on public or private property. Also, the dog could have attacked another domestic animal and wounded or killed that animal, been used in a crime, or have a propensity to attack.

Once the dog receives this registration, it is registered officially with the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement and re-registered each year. The owner must pay $500 annually to register their dangerous dog, and they are required by law to maintain registration and keep the dog confined. Also, dangerous dogs are not allowed to be outdoors and in public unless they are properly muzzled.

Speak with a Dog Attack Attorney

After you have reported the attack to the authorities, you must contact a dog bite attorney. The Pisanchyn Law Firm’s dog bite attorneys specialize in dog attack cases can help you seek compensation for your injuries, and ensure that the dog is registered as a dangerous dog.

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