You’ve suffered a serious injury. You’ve found an injury attorney – what happens next?

Every case will not be the same. What happens immediately after hiring an attorney largely depends on the type of case, when you hire an attorney, and how severe your injuries from the accident are.

Generally speaking, the first thing an attorney usually does is send out representation letters to everyone involved to let them know you have legal counsel. This is very important, especially if the other driver’s insurance company has already contacted you. If the other insurer hasn’t yet, we can prevent them from doing so with this type of letter.

Once an insurance company receives a representation letter, they can no longer contact you. An attorney will provide the insurance company with basic information about you and about the case. (Watch this video regarding providing recorded statements to insurers.)

If you are contacted by an insurance adjuster, investigator or anyone after hiring an attorney, you need to get the person’s name, and immediately inform your attorney. You should never give the person any information, other than your attorney’s name and phone number.

Representation letters will also be sent to any medical providers involved, letting them know that they will need to send your attorney a full set of medical records and bills once treatment is finished.

Accident Investigation & Property Damage

Next, an attorney will investigate the accident, if necessary. This includes contacting witnesses to obtain statements and taking photographs of the scene of the accident. This sometimes includes utilizing an investigator and other experts.

If the property damage to your vehicle has not been finalized by this time, your attorney will also assist in this area if need be. Usually, property damage is resolved fairly easily if there is enough insurance. If you pursue a diminished value claim, this will take longer and will be much more involved.

What You Should Do

While your attorney is doing all of the above and more you have one job: Get the appropriate medical care and get better. Follow your doctor’s advice and keep your appointments.

Remember, each case is different and what’s described here is general information. To get all of your questions answers you can call our personal injury attorneys at 1-800-444-5309 any time for a free consultation.