Recently, we wrote about the Samsung Galaxy 7 explosions. These phones are back on the shelf after the company recalled millions of phones and fixed the manufacturing defect that caused these explosions. But why are more and more lithium-ion batteries having this same issue?

Lithium-ion batteries have been making this kind of news for years—they’ve caused fires in hoverboards, laptops, in other phones, and even in the electrical system of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner jumbo jet.

So why, 25 years after the batteries hit the market, are lithium-ion batteries still prone to these problems? And when will engineers finally have a solution?

Manufacturing defects are often the cause of these explosions and apparently that was the situation with the Note7 phones. Here are some other common causes of these explosions:

  • The batteries are charged too quickly.
  • The batteries are charged with the wrong accessory.
  • The walls separating batteries erode, spurring a chemical reaction that causes an explosion.

Other devices that have had this issue lately include:

  • Vape Pens—Whether you refer to them as vape pens or e-cigarettes, the lithium-ion batteries powering the electronic nicotine-delivery systems (ENDS) are prone to explosions. According to federal statistics, there have been 126 reports of e-cigarettes overheating, spewing flames or exploding, causing users burns (some required skin grafts) and other injuries.
  • Hoverboards—Hoverboards were last year’s hot buy, but they made headlines for the wrong reasons after their lithium-ion batteries began overheating and catching fire. A consumer took legal action recently against Amazon after a Hoverboard purchased from the online retailer exploded and the ensuing fire destroyed his million-dollar home.
  • Computers—After reports surfaced of computers overheating and in some cases, even melting, HP this past summer recalled 50,000 Compaq, HP ProBook, HP Envy and other computer models.

If you’re using a product powered by lithium-ion batteries, there are a few simple steps you can take to lower your risk of having it catch fire or explode:

  • Keep them cool. Don’t store devices in hot cars or other extreme temperatures. Safety experts even recommend keeping your cell phone somewhere other than your pocket because they can get too warm from your body heat.
  • Keep them separated. If one lithium battery explodes, one that is stored nearby may also catch fire. Keep your devices powered by lithium-ion batteries in separate places.
  • Use the correct charger. If you use any charger except the one the device came with, you could be at a greater risk of a fire and/or explosion.

We know that no matter how careful you are, accidents sometimes happen. When it comes to exploding devices, sometimes it’s not your fault.

If you’ve been injured by an exploding vape pen, cell phone or other device powered by a lithium ion battery, you could be eligible for money to compensate you for medical bills, lost wages, and in some cases even pain and suffering.

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