Just recently Attorney Pisanchyn and The Pisanchyn Law Firm made headlines with our Wrongful Death case against a local Group Home.

The group home, Hope Enterprises Inc., failed to take a mentally challenged resident, Barbara Maines, to the hospital for treatment after she was involved in a collision. Barbie suffered a liver laceration as a result of the collision and passed away three days later. A jury awarded Barbie’s estate $3.1 million.

After the trial, the jurors met with both sides in the courtroom and they loudly told Hope Corporation it “better change its policies” to be sure this does not happen to anyone else. This made all the long nights worth it. Hearing that was the most rewarding part for our firm. We believe we helped not only the Maines family but we also believe this verdict will ensure other families do not have to live through this type of nightmare.

The Pisanchyn Law Firm is happy to see that justice for Barbie has been served. If you or a loved one has suffered any kind of neglect or abuse from a group home, nursing home, or assisted living facility please, call us now so we can help you, too.

Read more about the outrageous conduct of Hope Enterprise Inc.

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