AAA surveyed Americans on their comfort level with self-driving cars. Nearly three-quarters of respondents reported that they are fearful of this looming technology despite many researchers, and even AAA, claiming that self-driving vehicles could potentially reduce the rate of car accidents because they will eliminate human error, distracted driving, aggressive driving and drunk driving.

This fear is a result of the slew of accidents autonomous vehicles have caused in recent years. In March, a woman crossing the street was struck by a self-driving Uber, leading to her death. Tesla has been under fire for numerous accidents caused by its autopilot mode – most recently causing a fatality in March. There are also limited legal regulations for these vehicles and the accidents they may cause.

The fear among Americans towards this technology is not just for drivers/passengers – the survey also revealed that 63% of Americans would feel less safe as pedestrians or while riding a bicycle.

What do you think – are self-driving cars safer or will they cause more harm than good?
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