Five employees at the Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Center in West Chester were charged in connection with abuse of clients. The organization serves children and adults by providing educational and residential programs, therapeutic foster care, case management, customized employment, and community-based behavioral health services in the areas of autism, emotional and behavioral health challenges and intellectual/developmental disabilities.

The charges the employees face range from assault and child endangerment charges to witnessing the crimes and failing to report it. In September, one of the staff members threw a 16-year-old client to the ground, striking the girl with her knees repeatedly. The staff member continued the abuse by striking her after the victim was able to stand, knocking her to the ground again, according to the police. The victim suffered a broken arm. Two other employees witnessed this incident and did not report it to the authorities, as required by law.

Several other reports of the five employees either striking clients, or witnessing the attacks and failing to report them, were also filed and the employees have been charged as a result.

Unfortunately, this type of abuse is not uncommon with this vulnerable patient and client population. If your loved one has suffered abuse at the hands of someone you trusted with their care, you could be entitled to compensation, as well as justice in the form of a criminal complaint. The Pisanchyn Law Firm has sadly handled many cases of the nature and obtained multi million-dollar victories for these victims. Call 1-800-444-5309 now for a free consultation.