As New Year’s festivities approach and the holiday parties continue, it’s important to remind loved ones about the seriousness of drunk driving. It is a reminder that bears repeating, and can save your life and the lives of others.

If you are drinking, secure alternative transportation before you head out on New Year’s Eve or to a holiday party. If you are not drinking, remain vigilant about the actions of others if you go out driving. If you are hosting a party do not let anyone drink and drive.

January 1st is actually the worst day of the year for drunk driving and accidents caused by drunk drivers. Those still suffering from hangovers may get behind the wheel of a car not thinking that are still intoxicated. Our advice is to stay inside and sleep in on New Year’s Day to avoid any drunk driving confrontations on the road. The majority of drunk driving accidents occur between midnight and 5 am on New Year’s Day.

Stay safe this New Year’s with these tips:

  • Don’t let anyone get behind the wheel of a car if you know he or she has been drinking.
  • Never get in the car with a driver who has been drinking.
  • If you see suspicious driving activity, call law enforcement.
  • Make sure friends who come over and plan to drink have a safe ride home.
  • Keep the number of a taxi service or other transportation app handy.

Don’t become a statistic this New Year’s. While the number of drunk driving accidents has been cut in half since the 1980s, over 10,000 people die every year from drunk driving–related accidents.

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