Thousands of people are injured in bicycle accidents every year. Pennsylvania has bicycle safety laws in place to help save lives and reduce injury but unfortunately these laws are not widely known, followed or enforced.

Pennsylvania Law requires the following of motorists and cyclists:

  • Drivers must allow at least four feet between their vehicle and a bicyclist at all times, especially when passing the bike.
  • If it is safe, drivers can cross the double yellow line if needed to pass the bicyclist to accommodate the four feet law.
  • Bicyclists are permitted to use the roadway if there is not sufficient space for them on the side of the road or if there is only one travel lane.
  • If cyclists are traveling below the speed limit they are required to keep to the right of the roadway unless they are making a left turn or if it is unsafe.
  • It is illegal, and extremely dangerous, for drivers to force bicyclists off the road. This behavior can lead to criminal charges.

Driver negligence is the main cause of bicyclist injury and harm. The most common actions by drivers that cause bicycle injuries and accidents include:

  • Failure to share the road with cyclists
  • Not stopping at crosswalks
  • Forcing a bicyclist off the road
  • Not allowing 4 feet when passing a bicyclist

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