Placing someone you love in a nursing home is a difficult decision. When you make this decision though, you expect that your loved one will be treated well and will not be the victim of neglect or abuse. Unfortunately abuse in nursing homes happens often. If your loved one was abused in a nursing home facility contact our Pennsylvania nursing home abuse attorneys now so we can help you.

How Does Nursing Home Abuse Occur?

Large corporations have begun opening nursing homes at a large scale and the main goal is to make money, not care for your loved one. Not having enough qualified nurses and failing to properly train staff members has led to neglect, abuse, and serious injury and harm to the resident.

Effects of Nursing Home Abuse

Under staffing has led to residents:

  • Falling and breaking bones
  • Suffering bedsores and ulcers
  • Becoming malnourished and dehydrated
  • Receiving the wrong medication or
  • Receiving too much/too little of the medication they need.


What’s worse is that these facilities often get complaints and are made aware of the issues listed above but don’t do anything to correct them. When this happens, the facility may be required to compensate the residents who have endured nursing home abuse and neglect.

Our Pennsylvania Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Can Help

If you or a loved one is or has been the victim of nursing home, assisted living facility, or group home abuse please, call our nursing home abuse lawyers now for a free consultation so we can help you.

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