Dangerous Toy Injury Attorneys

Dangerous Toy Injury Lawyers

Every year, thousands of children are injured or killed in accidents involving a dangerous toy. In many cases, the toys contain defects that make them hazardous for children to play with. In others, properly made toys cause injury or death to children who are too young to play with them. The negligence of someone who has been entrusted with a child’s care in the absence of the child’s parents can also contribute to such injuries or deaths.

If your child has been injured or killed in a toy-related accident and you suspect that your child’s injury or death was caused by a defect in the toy or someone’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for the damages your child has suffered. The Pisanchyn Law Firm’s dangerous toy injury lawyers will review your case at no cost to you when you call 1-800-444-5309 for a free consultation.

Who is Responsible for Children’s Toy Accident Injuries and Deaths

Toy-related injuries and deaths may be caused by defects in toys, recalled toys, or by the negligence of children’s caregivers who have allowed children to play with toys that are not rated/approved for that child’s age. Liability for such injuries and deaths could fall on the manufacturer, the retailer, and in some cases, the caregiver.

Common Toy Injuries

Injuries to children from defective, recalled and/or dangerous toys, and dangerous children’s products, can result in serious and catastrophic injuries as well as death.

The most common injuries to children from toys and products include:

  • Lead poisoning from toys covered with lead-based paint
  • Choking and suffocation from small pieces
  • Strangulation from strings or ropes
  • Lacerations, fractures, and burns from defective or dangerous products


Products that are cheaply made in facilities with little to no quality control account for an overwhelming number of the reported injuries. Within the past few years, news reports have been flooded with reports and recalls of toys manufactured in China that contained lead in toxic and dangerous levels. The Center for Environmental Health tested 250 different children’s products and found lead levels over federal standards in seven of them, including big-name toys like Barbie and Thomas and Friends.

Recalled Toy Injuries

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported that there were over 155,000 children under the age of 14 treated in an emergency department for toy-related injuries, with 5,000 of these children requiring hospitalization. A number of these products have been recalled because of poor design, manufacturing problems, hazardous packaging, inadequate or missing warning labels, and lack of oversight or inspection.

Products made with small parts, or parts that break easily can pose a serious choking hazard to children. Over half of all toy-related deaths were caused by choking.

While recalls do help protect children they are sadly sometimes too late. If your child has been injured as a result of a recalled or dangerous toy you need to consult with our experienced dangerous toy liability attorneys at The Pisanchyn Law Firm. You could be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer, the retailer, or even the wholesaler.

Our Pennsylvania Dangerous Toy Injury Lawyers Can Help

We have prosecuted numerous cases of this nature and can honestly pledge to you, without any equivocation, that should we accept your case, we will make completely sure that you get the justice you deserve.

For these reasons, when you retain the defective toy injury attorneys at the Pisanchyn Law Firm you know that you have a first-rate Law Firm that will fiercely pursue your rights and the money you deserve. As we have pledged, you will never pay a fee until we win your case.

Please, call toll free at 1-800-444-5309 for a free consultation. We have offices in Pittsburgh, Scranton and Harrisburg and will travel to you.

For updated information on recalled toys be sure to visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website.

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