BUTLER, Pa. —An attorney filed a motion Friday to get his two clients out of the Butler County Prison where he claims they were sexually assaulted by an employee.

“I have a feeling that they are going to have problems long-term from being assaulted in a place where they were helpless, vulnerable and had to do what this perp told them to do,” attorney Michael Pisanchyn said.

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He said his clients were serving time after pleading guilty to crimes like burglary and drug possession.

The motion says, “(the) incidents occurred over a period of time and despite being investigated for a length of time.”

In one case, Pisanchyn says his client could have served his sentence out of prison, but relatives requested he be held there to help him fight an addiction.

Now he says both his clients are in need of serious help.

“What they can do by coming forward is make sure that they prevent this from occurring to anyone else,” Pisanchyn said.

The identity of the prison employee is not being released at this time.