When you file a claim against an insurance company after being injured they have the right to send you to be examined by a doctor of their choosing to verify your injuries, the severity of them, and the cause of them; this is called a defense medical exam (DME) and/or independent medical exam (IME). The issue with these examinations is that the doctor is hired and paid by the insurance company so their reports are often in favor of the insurance company.

These examinations are done for use in the litigation process. These doctors may be called to testify on the insurance company’s behalf. The doctor’s report and any findings from the examination will be submitted into evidence.

If you have to go to a Defense Medical Examination (DME/IME) remember:

  • If possible, bring someone to the exam with you. Have this person record what the physician does, says, and how long the exam took. This could be submitted as evidence to validate your claim and bring the physician’s credibility into question in the event the report is different from what occurred at the examination.
  • If you can’t bring anyone with you take notes during or immediately after the exam for the same reasons.
  • Be honest when answering questions and describing your condition.
  • Never sign any documents you are given; have your attorney review them first.
  • Prior to going to your examination contact The Pisanchyn Law Firm’s experienced injury attorneys.

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