What is a closed head injury?

Closed head injuries are sometimes difficult to detect, many may brush the injury off as a bump that will go away in a few days. If you ever suffer a blow to the head of any kind you should seek immediate medical attention to ensure that you have not been seriously injured.

Closed head injuries can lead to swelling of the brain and pressure in the brain. Both of these can permanently destroy your brain tissues and nerve cells leading to permanent brain damage.

What are the different types of closed head injuries?

  1. Concussion – The most common type of closed head injury is a concussion. Concussions cause victims to be confused, have difficulty concentrating, and difficulty balancing. Mood swings, sensitivity to light, and changes in sleep patterns are also symptoms.
  2. Contustions – Brain Contusions are bruises on the brain tissue. These bruises can lead to bleeding that is absorbed into the brain tissue causing permanent brain damage. Contusions are found in one area of the brain, as opposed to concussions which are spread out.
  3. Diffuse Axonal Injuries – Diffuse axonal injuries are the most severe of all traumatic brain injuries. These are commonly caused by high-speed car accidents. Shaken baby syndrome is also a common cause of diffuse axonal injuries. These injuries lead to vegetative states or comas of victims 90 percent of the time.

What are the common causes of closed head injuries?

Common causes of closed head injuries are:

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