An estimated 8,000 to 9,000 incidents are reported to the FDA per year as a result of surgical stapler use. At least 65% of injuries or death that occurred as a result of surgical staples use were after gastrointestinal surgeries like gastric bypass. Our Pennsylvania surgical staple injury attorneys can help if you’re the victim of a surgical staple injury.

The issues that occur with surgical staplers or staples include the stapler misfiring or not functioning as it should, separation of suture lines, staplers becoming stuck in the tissue of patients, and staples not forming correctly. These issues cause patients pain, bleeding, organ failure, and separation of the surgical connection made between organs and/or vessels.

The most common issue some patients suffer as a result of surgical staples is the leakage of blood or bodily fluid. This leakage causes severe infection, life long medical issues, and even death.

Our Pennsylvania Surgical Staple Injury Lawyers Can Help

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