Gastric bypass surgery is becoming an increasingly popular procedure for those coping with diabetes, and other health issues associated with obesity. The surgery is a way to help lose and control weight and has also been found to control diabetes. If there is a mistake or complication with gastric bypass, patients could be left severely injured and with lifelong complications. You should consult with our Pennsylvania gastric bypass surgical mistake lawyers if you or a loved are the victim of a botched gastric bypass surgery.

While there are many benefits to gastric bypass unfortunately many health issues arise as a result of it. Surgeons, some who have little or no experience with gastric bypass, have flocked to performing the procedure due to its lucrative benefits, as it generally costs $25,000-$30,000.

Along with the risk of being operated on by an inexperienced surgeon post-op leaves patients open to even more risks. Post operative leakage, gall stones, kidney damage, and even malnutrition and starvation are all risks that gastric bypass patients face due to negligent care by medical professionals.

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