Amputation Lawyers

The loss of a limb is a devastating incident that most people cannot even imagine. Amputations are sometimes medically necessary due to traumatic accidents, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, infections, and tumors. However, in inconceivable medical malpractice and negligence cases the wrong limb could be removed or a limb could be removed without medical necessity being dictated to the patient. If you or a loved one are the victim of a traumatic amputation or lost a limb as a result of an accident or malpractice, fill out the form or call to  contact our Pennsylvania amputation lawyers and to set up a free consultation.

Amputations are not only a result of disease or malpractice. Traumatic accidents such as car accidents, truck accidents, dangerous products orproperties, or work injuries can also cause an amputation injury. Amputation injuries that occur as a result of a work injury typically happen when the victim is operating dangerous machinery like forklifts, band saws, trash compactors, or conveyor belts. Losing a limb leaves patients with countless medical bills, possible on-going surgical procedures, lifelong disability, and lifelong pain and suffering.

Our Pennsylvania Amputation Lawyers Can Help

You could receive compensation for all that you have endured after an amputation injury accident. Our Pennsylvania amputation injury attorneys at The Pisanchyn Law Firm want to help you gain some peace of mind after this devastating event. We will stop at nothing to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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