Hospital contracted infections cause over 40,000 deaths every year. These are infections that patients would not have contracted without a hospital stay. Not many patients are aware of hospital contracted infections and don’t really think that by contracting an infection after an illness or surgery is a mistake, however it can be, and normally is. Our Pennsylvania hospital infection lawyers help victims of hospital contracted infections. Fill out the form on the right to set up a free consultation now.

Most hospital contracted infections are the result of catheter and ventilator use. Some infections, such staph have been around for years. However the new MRSA staph string is a new severe infection as of late.

Sepsis is also a severe illness that can be caused, or worsened by medical negligence. When one becomes septic, or is diagnosed with sepsis, it means the bloodstream has become overwhelmed with bacteria.

If sepsis, MRSA, staph, or any other infection is not diagnosed and treated properly it can lead to septic shock, multi-system organ damageamputationsbrain damage, encephalopathy or even death.

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