Pennsylvania Nursing Home Fall Lawyer Dedicated To Helping Injury Victims

At Pisanchyn Law Firm our nursing home neglect attorneys in Pennsylvania thoroughly understand the state’s laws concerning nursing homes. The state licenses nursing homes, so they must adhere to state and federal regulations in offering care for their patients. Therefore, nursing homes should assess elders for risk factors for falls, such as walking and balance problems, in order to offer adequate care. The Pennsylvania injury lawyers at Pisanchyn Law Firm expose abuse, identify neglect and demand compensation for clients who believe that their loved ones are victims of nursing home abuse or neglect due to nursing home falls.

Nursing Home Falls

The definition of a fall, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, is a failure to maintain an appropriate lying, sitting or standing position, resulting in an individual’s undesired relocation to a lower level. In addition, an episode in which an individual lost his balance and would have fallen without the help of a staff member is also a fall.

Some common causes of nursing home falls include:

  • Over-medication
  • Poor lighting
  • Lack of bed rails or other bed equipment
  • Failure to have sufficient staff
  • Failure to train staff properly


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